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Why You Want to do Selfies as a Photographer

What is a selfie? A self portrait is an image created by you of you.

The old master painters even practiced the art of self portraiture. When they had no models, they used themselves as subjects.

Getting in the habit of self portraits can help one grow one’s craft. Van Gogh is a great example of a self portrait painter.

I instruct my clients through posing during their shoot, but in order for me to know how to pose them, I have to get in that pose as well. Which is another example of why self portraits are helpful.

When I do self portraits, I like to get excited about the process. I’ll plan a few fun outfits that I love and maybe don’t get to wear all the time, I head to the studio, put together my set, get a tripod, set my camera’s timer, and transition through poses. At first, you may feel a little silly, but have some fun with it. Nobody has to see these photos if you don’t want them to.

Afraid to jump in front of the camera? Think about why you’re doing it in the first place. Maybe you’re trying out new poses, new gear, a new set, and don’t worry about the world around you passing you by. If you have a few good ones, well then there’s content for when you’re having a slow month of clients not wanting you to share their photos.

My favorite reason to jump in front of the camera is when I get a new wardrobe piece. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. I’ll photograph myself wearing a graphic tee that says, “The Older I get, the less f*cks I give.”


Hey there! I'm Bethany. The Photographer, Coach, and Podcast Host behind

Boudoir Business Education. “All I want to do is photograph women in black and white and give them a beautiful and empowering experience.” Is what I wrote in my journal. Playing my idea off of a few trusted people, I was told, “There’s not a market for black and white boudoir photography”, “No one will pay for that.”, and “This is a weird idea.”

I followed my gut and went for it anyway. Right out of lock down, I had a new studio, was booked three months in advance, and haven’t looked back since. I love to photograph and empower women that understand my vision, love my work, and pay me what I’m worth. This process showed me that I can make my dreams possible and profitable. Now, I want to share what I learned (but in a much faster way) to build a thriving boudoir photography business.


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