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Get the confidence to pose your boudoir clients and make four figure sales...

Learn everything you need to know about how to pose your clients with a simple posing system that will lead to higher sales.

Are you ready to elevate your boudoir photography business?


Does any of this
sound like you?

You've worked so hard to bring in this boudoir client. Now that she's here, you don't know what to do with her. Your palms start to sweat and everything you're trying isn't working out. You start to get nervous and ask yourself, "Is this really what I want to do?"

Are you uncertain whether your skills are at the level where you can start charging?


You feel like you need a 'flow' in order to keep the session moving.

If you answered "YUS" to any of the above, then it's great that you're here, because this is exactly what I teach inside of 


Imagine your boudoir photography business when...

You have a posing system in place that you know will make you moolah and create photographs your boudoir clients will obsess over.

Does that sound like the business you want?

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Meet Your Personal Cheerleader

Hey! I'm Bethany!

Raise your hand if you can relate, I was struggling shooting all things portrait, second shooting weddings, and saying yes to every shoot that was offered to me for very little to no money. My confidence was very low when it came to my work and I felt ashamed asking for any type of financial compensation. I even agreed to shoot a head shot session in exchange for a photo printer that didn’t end up working! There wasn’t much money coming in, and I burned out from being burned by my so called “clients”. 


So, I decided to get real with myself. “All I want to do is photograph women in black and white and give them a beautiful and empowering experience.” Is what I wrote in my journal. Playing my idea off of a few trusted  people, I was told, “There’s not a market for black and white boudoir photography”, “No one will pay for that.”, and “This is a weird idea.” 


I followed my gut and went for it anyway.

Then the lock down happened and I got to work. I reached out to my clients and leads letting them know that I was offering this new genre. I rebranded, created a private facebook community, had phone consultations, and started to book people with the promise that after we got out of lockdown that they would have a shoot with me, no matter how many times we would have to reschedule.


Right out of lock down, I had a new studio, was booked three months in advance, and haven’t looked back since. I love to photograph and empower women who understand my vision, love my work, and pay me what I’m worth. This process showed me that I can make my dreams  possible and profitable. (No, you don't have to shoot in black and white to be profitable.)


5 Boudoir Poses that Generate $1K  Sales

A posing system that streamlines your boudoir photo shoot.

In these 5 self guided, video lessons, I teach you the posing workflow that I use on my clients for their boudoir sessions. To help you be more efficient with the time that you’re working with your client, give you confidence behind the camera, and create images your clients will obsess over leading to high sales.

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Here’s What’s Included in 5 Boudoir Poses that Generate $1K Sales

This is a self guided course covering the topics below.


The Guide:
5 Poses You Must Get At Your Next Session.

A free guide that helps you through each of the poses as well as what to say to your clients when they're in each pose.


The Miranda Pose

 This pose is all about accentuating your client's curves in a tasteful and beautiful way. It's a great pose for clients who are self-conscious about their body, as it can help to create a more confident and empowered image.


The Emily Pose

This pose is all about expression. Creating a sense of vulnerability and sensuality by having your client nude or “suggestively” nude, you can create an image that is both intimate and striking.


The Anna


This pose is all about elongating your client's body and creating an image that is both sexy and fun. 


The Char


This pose is all about showcasing your client's curves in a unique and eye-catching way. By using Roman sculptures as inspiration, having your client on their hip in this rested pose, you can create an image that is both playful and alluring.


The Details


These aren’t really poses at all, but capturing small details of your client’s body. Rather they want to accentuate a certain part of their body, or feature their tattoos, The Details is all about creating an image that is both romantic, intimate, and highly sell-able.

Jain W.

“Honestly, I got more out of the session than I even expected.  I got some really helpful insights into how to make my photography profitable in ways I hadn't expected.  Bethany listened to what I was doing already, and gave me guidance on how to get started marketing what I'm doing and making money from my services. My session took me from being uncertain of my direction to feeling ready to get started.”

What sets 5 Poses apart from all the rest?

This course was created by a coach that actually gets it.  I've been in the photography industry for over a decade and I've worked with some of the best photographers + coaches out there.  I don't take it lightly that you would put your trust in me to join this course. If you're willing to put in the work, I'll be by your side to help you succeed every step of the way.


Getting Started is Easy:

1. Click on "enroll now".

2. Enter your payment info.

3. Get ready to grow your confidence in posing and build the boudoir business of your dreams!


How much time do I need to commit?
This is a self guided course and you can put in as much time as you wish. Bring the 5 boudoir poses you must get at your next session guide with you on your boudoir sessions and follow it. 

Have any more questions?

I'm here to help! Just send a DM on Instagram to @bethanyquinnstudios

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You’re a perfect fit for this course if you…

  • Want to gain confidence in posing boudoir clients.

  • Want to have clients swooning over their photos.
  •  Want to create images  that result in four figure sales.

This may not be
your jam if...

  • You aren't willing to put in the work.

  • You're looking for a get rich quick overnight fix.

  • You're not willing to try something new.

5 Boudoir Poses that Generate $1K Sales

Has everything you need to get the confidence in boudoir posing that lead to four figure sales.

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